Custom tailored clothing, as you like it.

I run into prospective clients, and usually referral business, on a regular basis who just don’t “get” what it is that we do at William Pollock Clothing. Many of these appointments expect our personal style consultants to show up to their office with a rack of suit jackets that areĀ close to their size for in office fittings before moving to the next step. This is wrong.

Many of our customers are also looking for a catalog of patterns or specific suiting options. While we can and will provide this, we feel that custom tailored clothing is more than this. Sure, most of our clients carry on very busy lives, both personally and professionally, and therefore do not have time to design their own stylings. We get this, and our personal style consultants are full of ideas and suggestions that will work for nearly anyone and will be tailored to specific wearing situations. However, many of our clients have opted to take a step toward their own more personal choice in the selection and design process. Often our clients will subscribe to various magazines and other publications–either online or in print. They will mark or save certain looks, styles or patterns that they like, and provide them to their consultant.

We can take your vision, or your desired vision from someone else, and custom tailor the exact look!

Have a specific need, or desire? Maybe a special event? We had one couple talk to us recently about a wedding scheduled for Halloween 2015. They would like to have their entire groomsmen looking like they’re from a nightmare before christmas. We can design this for them, or they can literally send us photos that they want from the movie. We can shop and find the perfect fabrics with the thick white pinstripes on black wool, and cut patterns to do whatever they want with the lapel, waistcoat, and coat tails. The possibilities are limited only to their imagination.


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