Did you keep your resolution this year?

It’s May and we’re quickly approaching the midway point of 2014. Traditionally many of us make new year’s resolutions around the turn of the year, and most of those typically involve health or some other variation of weight loss.

Maybe we decide that we’re going to eat better, join a gym or stick to a specific diet. Usually by the end of January, these goals and ambitions fall away to only be remembered near the end of the year when we seek out to set new goals for the next year.

For some, clearly the exceptions, these goals are kept. The pounds are dropped, the inches lost. Where does that leave us when it comes to clothing?

Some people reading this are doing so with a closet full of clothes that maybe they can wear again, but mostly close that they can no longer wear, and they’re hoping to not ever go back to being able to wear them again!

One great thing about buying custom clothing, especially suits, is that they can easily be taken in (they can also be taken out, but let’s keep this positive!) and adjusted as our bodies change. Typically custom suits can be taken in significantly more than a fused rack suit, mainly due to the construction of the suit. Regardless of whether you’ve lost a lot or lost a little, you may want to take a look in a mirror, or meet with one of our style consultants just to take a look. Minor alterations in a suit can often make or break the look.

You may also be looking for some fresh wardrobe items to change the pace a little, or just freshen up your looks. Our consultants can do this as well, and provide to you in just a few weeks an amazing suit that will fit you today. It’ll also be easily taken in, should your goals not quite be met, and you are still working toward those last few inches and/or pounds.

The way we look is important, and often the first thing that is considered when these resolutions are made. It also has a great impact on your health. No matter how you look, no matter how great your suit fits, if you’re not healthy, it may last longer than you do!

Hopefully you’re one of the exceptions that has kept with their goals, lost the weight, and are now looking for some better fitting clothes. Find a style consultant in your area, and we’ll start working to create or refresh the perfect wardrobe for you!

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