Get more than what you pay for when you buy custom clothing

The process of creating a custom tailored garment is a complicated one, beginning with the relationship with the tailor and stylist.

When talking to prospective clients and customers about our various fabrics, construction and other options the topic of price almost inevitably is soon to follow. In fact, many of our prospective clients want to know about price before knowing about anything else.

When buying anything, the price is always important, but it is equally important not to lose sight of value, when shopping for price. You may run into some of the following issues when buying retail:

  1. Mass retailers mass produce their garments. Many of these retail suits are fused construction, and are cheaply made on a massive production line. Our suits are hand made, and hand sewn. They take a lot longer to make, and are built specifically to the customer, you.
  2. Store bought “ready made” suits are designed to a generic pattern, where it is assumed that one size will fit most, if not all of the same or similar chest measurement. Why buy a suit based off of just one or two measurements, when you can have one made specifically for you based off of 30 measurements.
  3. Storefronts are expensive. Sure, this might not seem to directly relate to your suit, but think about it. These massive retailers spend tens of thousands of dollars a month in rent, utilities and other expenses for each brick and mortar store location. When you wonder who pays for this, the answer is simple: you. When you buy a suit at a retailer for $300 or $400(before alterations) the company likely paid about $30 to have that suit made, and the rest of the money you’re spending goes to pay corporate salaries and store rent. We do not maintain a storefront, only a production facility and individual style consultants.
  4. When it’s not right the first time, you’re paying for it. As you’ve likely experienced, and we alluded to in number 3 above, once you pick that “affordable” suit in a retail store, and spend a few hundred bucks on the ticket price (or a thousand and you get two¬†free) then you have yourself a suit that isn’t really your size. Sure, its your chest size, but your arms, shoulders, length, stomach, and let’s not even get started on the pants….You can walk out of one of these retailers having paid another hundred bucks to have the suit a little closer to fitting you. Our suits, or other custom suits for that matter, are of course made to your measurements, and they’ll fit great day one. What happens if they don’t? No problem. Part of our buying process includes any after production alterations at no additional cost. Usually this doesn’t need to happen, or the alterations are extremely minor. Regardless, we’ve got you covered at no additional cost!

Be sure to look at all of the overall important aspects above when making a decision on where to buy your next suit. No sense in paying $300-$400 for a rack suit that needs to have another $50 to $100 spend on alterations when you can have a fully custom tailored suit for around the same cost! Shop around, and call a local style consultant in your area to take a look at the options and pricing that is currently available to you. Of course, be sure not to forget value when you are shopping for price. In the long term, custom tailored suiting is far more affordable than the often inferior retail alternatives.

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