Help us help our heroes!

In America, we often focus on our military heroes around the times of the year that we’ve designated holidays to celebrate them. Many of us, if not involved with a serviceman or woman or a veteran in our everyday lives, will overlook the importance that these heroes have on our every day freedoms.
We were lucky enough to network recently with a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Wilmington, Delaware that is devoted to making the lives of our returning heroes a little bit better. We’ve decided to take the month of September, with your help, to make their job a little easier.

The Suiting Warriors Foundation was established to help re-integrate our heroes into society and most importantly into the workforce upon their return. They collect and distribute gently worn formalwear, suits, shirts, neckwear, etc to veterans who are in need. These gifts to veterans are at no cost to the veteran, and most of the time the SWF will travel to the veteran to deliver the clothing. You’ll often find these guys and their truck at veteran’s job fairs up and down the east coast, always striving to do good for these people who have given so much for us.

Through an ongoing conversation, we’ve realized that the organization is in great need of some financial assistance. They do most everything they do out of the pocket of their director, Star Lotta, and various in kind donations as they are available. Their largest hurdle seems to be the ability to do simple things, like regularly keep gas in the truck that they use to deliver suits and travel to these job fairs. We’ve devoted the month of September to raise some much needed funds, as well as keep their supply of donated suits up to date.

Here’s the deal:

Contact a style consultant during the month of September, 2014. Through your style consultant, or one of our scheduled donation events, bring us one or more gently worn suits to be donated to the Suiting Warriors. We’ll give you $50 off the purchase of a new custom suit, PLUS we’ll donate an additional $50 to the suiting warriors foundation in your name! Download and please circulate the attached flyer of the promotion.

If your closet is full of suits that are in good shape, but for whatever reason you no longer wear, give us a call at 844-POLLOCK or if you have a style consultant, call them directly.

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