Many people visiting this site for the first time may be new to the custom suit buying process.

Our style consultants are not “fly by night” sales people. We build ongoing relationships with our clients, to ensure their satisfaction not only with their initial purchases, but ongoing advice and consultation for style and wardrobe advice. The suit buying process is typically a 3 phase process:

First visit:

Our style consultant’s first visit is the initial sale, design and fitting appointment. You will have 15 measurements taken as part of the process to construct a suit that is precise to your body type. No longer will you be identified by a single measurement and height classification. You will sit down with your style consultant, choose from over 300 fabrics and endless custom options to create #yoursuit. Then, production begins on #yoursuit. Our tailors will construct a suit from the bolts of raw fabrics that you selected in the design process, and create your suit from scratch. All of our suits and hand made, and either constructed with a full canvas or half-canvas lining, depending on your selection.

Second visit:

The second visit is sometimes a formality, but we like to make sure that everything fits perfectly. Occasionally a new client will be measured precisely, but there may be a slight alteration of a quarter inch here or an eighth of an inch there that needs to be perfected. Your style consultant will show up with #yoursuit and oversee this initial fitting. He or she will make notation of any alterations needed, and take the garments back for tailoring. It is possible that this is the last visit, but we like to set our client expectations to full perfection just in case.

Third, but not final visit:

On the third visit, #yoursuit will be delivered freshly pressed and fitting absolutely perfectly. We call this the third visit, and not the final visit, because most of our clients become ongoing customers. You’ll love wearing #yoursuit so much that we know you’ll be calling your representative back soon enough to check out more selections, or to refer friends, family or colleagues.

Overall, unless you are a repeat client who has not gained or lost a significant amount of weight, for the entire process to take from four to six weeks to absolute perfection. Remember: If you have to measure yourself, you’re not really buying a custom suit.