She said yes!

So you popped the question, nervously awaiting her answer you feel like the moment is now frozen in time. Seconds seem like hours, and after what seems like an eternity, she says yes!

You’re engaged. Now what?

Let the planning begin! You’re now about to embark upon perhaps the most frustrating 9-12 months of your life…wedding planning. You may not realize until you’re deep in it how much actually goes into planning a wedding, even if you choose a wedding venue that is “all inclusive.” The additional considerations that go beyond all that is included are incredible. Of course, we’re all aware of the process that goes into choosing her wedding gown, and the dresses for the bridesmaids, in fact there are a number of hit television shows based on this very topic, but what about you? What about your groomsmen.

What will you wear?

Many grooms go the quick and easy route, and just rent tuxedos for the big day. If you’re typically not the type of person who dresses up regularly, this is still probably the ideal route to go. You get dressed to the nines on the special night for about $300-$400 per guy, and then you take it back and never worry about it again. What do you do if you regularly wear formal clothes? Is there a better option for the big event? Of course!

When you decide to invest in your future, and your big day, you and your groomsmen will have the ability to wear suits or tuxedoes at the event that are bought, not rented. This means instead of spending as much as $400 for a rental, for a little bit more you get clothes you can keep and wear again and again!

Important things to consider:

First, how often do you or your groomsmen dress professionally in your every day lives? Are you or anyone in your wedding party involved in organizations that regularly have them attending “black tie” affairs? These important considerations will help determine whether or not buying suits or tuxes for the wedding is the right move, and whether or not suits or tuxes are the right choice. If you’re dead set on tuxedos for your wedding, and no one in the wedding party would ever wear one again then renting is still the best option. However, if there is a reason to re-wear a tux, or if you are inclined to purchase more formal suits for the big day, then buying has incredible ongoing benefits. With suits or tuxes, just a second occasion to wear the garment gives you value exceeding the rental! If you go custom, we have special wedding packages that are designed specifically to wedding parties. You’ll have the option of doing something “a little special” for the groom, to set that suit apart from the rest, as well as guarantee matching shirts, and ties that everyone gets to keep! Our packages are specifically designed so that you party gets:

  • A suit for the groom and all groomsman
  • A matching shirt for everyone
  • A matching tie for everyone
  • An additional shirt for everyone, their choice
  • An additional tie for everyone, their choice

Of course, the clothing in all of our packages are custom tailored and designed to each specific person, but the party gains the benefit of buying in quantity, a great savings!

If you’re newly engaged, and looking for options, contact a style consultant to discuss.

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